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About me

      Broadly, I am a scientist, an educator, husband and father. I consider myself to be a plant evolutionary ecologist interested in the processes that drive ecological specialization in extreme and heterogeneous environments. I am currently a PhD candidate in the Environmental Systems Graduate Group at the University of California, Merced, advised by Dr. Jason Sexton. At the Sexton Lab, our research centers on understanding the vulnerabilities and adaptive responses of plants to a rapidly changing world. My research interests are conservation-oriented and focused on understanding the patterns of plant diversity and adaptation across complex environmental gradients. I use a combination of genetic techniques (environmental DNA barcoding), traditional survey methods, and experimental biology to better understand ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plants in California's vernal pool wetlands. Between extracting plant DNA from environmental samples or measuring vernal pool plant traits, I work as a consulting biologist and have developed somewhat of an obsession with rare vernal pool plants and animals. I enjoy teaching, botanizing our planets wondrous landscapes, and spending time with my family.